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Saturn Hotel is located in a colourful landscape of the South Bohemia in the peaceful surroudings of the protected area of Bohemia forest "Šumava". It has been built at the edge of a small recreation colony "Křišťanovice“, 800 m above the sea level. It is located by the sandy beach near (32 acre) Lake with pleasant swimming opportunity. Around „Křišťanovice“, the so called "Golden Path" used to pass from Passau to Volary and Prachatice.



                                                    The Lake of Kristanovice 

Summer activities:


Hiking marked tourist routes from 5 to 35 km, coach trips around the South Bohemia, as well as in Austria and German borderland, Bohemian Forest and Bavarian National Parks.


Water sport – rides down the upper Vltava river on the vessels.


Bohemian Forest "Šumava" is a bicycle paradise in this region.



Winter activities:


Cross country ski trips, walking in the surroundings in the beautiful landscape of the winter Bohemian Forest. Ice scating on 32 acre of the ice bound lake.


Additional events:


Wedding feasts, banquets, parties, training etc.